Ströer Native Reach: Native AdOut

Ströer Native Reach: Scalable Native Advertising
Ströer Native Reach offers an automated displaying of content with the look and feel of all media on premium spots in editorial settings.

Individually and Ideally Placed Through Smart Integration
Native AdOut is an authentically embedded form of advertising, which integrates into the editorial flow seamlessly and free from disruptions. The image-text-teaser is placed with high visibility into the infeed, the margins or under articles. This is especially suited for e-commerce and performance clients, who want to lead users to their business website or landing page through integrated placements within content.

Besides Native AdOut, Ströer offers the formats Native AdIn and Native AdProspect (find links to your right “learn more”).


Native AdOut (Native Teaser):

File Format, Size & Data Weight

The Native AdOut consists of a Native Teaser

  • Image formats: .gif / .jpg / .png / 3rd party tag
  • Image size:
    1×1 (z.B. 600px x 600px)
    2×1 (z.B. 600px x 300px)
    3×2 (z.B. 600px x 400px)
    4×3 (z.B. 600px x 450px)
    6×5 (z.B. 600px x 500px)
    16×9 (z.B. 800px x 450px)
  • Data weight: 250 KB per image
  • Minimal width of images: 600px
  • Headline options:
    Short: max. 25 characters
    Medium: 30-45 characters
    Long: 60-70 characters
  • Text options:
    Short: 70-110 characters
    Medium: 140-200 characters
    Long: 250-350 characters

Please submit all image sizes.
Please submit all headline options and text options.
Headlines: no capital letters, pricemarks or percentages
Text: maximum of one pricemark or percentage, no capital letters or direct address of the reader

Up to 5 teasers can be displayed per campaign. For this purpose, all sizes, text and image options must be submitted for each teaser.

Features Publishers

The format Native-AdOut can only be booked as a network rotation/channel in the Seeding-Alliance- incl. Ströer portfolio.

  • Automotive
  • Business and Finance
  • Education
  • Events and Attractions
  • Family and Relationships
  • Food & Drink
  • Healthy Living
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Home & Garden
  • Medical Health
  • Movies
  • Music and Audio
  • News and Politics
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets
  • Pop Culture
  • Real Estate
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Style & Fashion
  • Technology & Computing
  • Television
  • Travel
  • Video Gaming


  • Delivery template: MS Word document
  • Images in all sizes and formats ordered: as attachment

Note for copywriters:
Many publishers use different ways of address (formal/informal) for their readers. If you want to display universally usable content, avoid directly addressing the reader.

3rd Party Tracking

We support the following options for 3rd party tracking:


  • Impression (1×1 pixel tracker; is embedded as soon as the teaser is added to the site)
  • Visibility (1×1 pixel tracker; is embedded as soon as the teaser is 25 % visible)
  • Click (1×1 pixel tracker; with transfer to target page for AdOut formats)
  • Click (1×1 pixel tracker; without transfer for AdIn formats)


  • Impression (1×1 pixel tracker, is embedded when the advertorial is fully on display)
  • Click (external link: tracker and transfer to an external target, e.g. customer website)
  • JS-tracker as special-purpose solution (only after previous consultation and feasibility check)

General Information

Tracking is not needed for every image format. It suffices to deliver this only once per teaser.

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